About Us

about us

We Plan & Design Events
That Capture the Imagination

Bienvinnie to belle events we turn dreams into reality. Weave story into every thread of your event. And conjure a wonderfully collaborative magic to create celebrations that are both unmatched and unforgettable.One secret? We listen. To understand who you are. Who you want to be. And who (and what) matters most to you. That’s because we are the eyes and ears on the ground & represent the perfect image of the clients to exceed even the highest expectations We leave no stone unturned, no detail untended to, no possibility unexplored.

From planning, styling, floral, lighting, rentals, stationery, party favors & coordination our service is highly personal.

Our motto is simple Celebrate. Live. Love. Laugh We look forward to meeting your next Soiree, A perfect Event because we create memories….

We are belle Events, and the best event we’ve ever done is going to be yours.

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Kartik Maurya

Kartik Maurya

Founder & CEO

Gopal sahu

Gopal Sahu

Co-Founder & COO